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Pleats and thank you.

John Philippe and I
Well now that you have your shoes picked out, it’s the perfect time to work your way up and get something on your legs. When I was growing up I refused to wear dresses, or skirts, I was a tomboy and thought overalls with no shirt under was the way to go, of course when I began kindergarten I was disappointed to hear that I would have to put a shirt on. Rubish! But now that I am long finished with elementary dress and can now decide for myself what I am going to wear, I refuse to wear pants, and am most commonly seen in skirts and dresses. Talk about a 360, I am a whole new woman.

This season is brings forth the pleat; and like most women of the fashion world, I am overjoyed at the idea. Not only are pleats sophisticated but their also ridiculously feminine! A girl in a pleated skirt looks more like a women then a girl, and who wouldn’t want an ultra feminine looking lady walking in there direction. Also super wide pleated pants have come into style. It’s the 20’s revamped and personally the elegance and sophistication of the 20’s is so needed in the 21st century.

A great place to go for a pleated skirt is Forever 21, also, seeing as pleated skirts are from the 20’s and were brought back briefly in the 70’s, ask grandma if she still has hers, or maybe even your mother.  H&M also has a pair of wide leg, pleated pants and they would look stunning on a women over 6”, unfortunately, I stand at 5'5” and look very petit in them, and not in a cute pixie way. If you’re looking for something of better quality, Club Monaco has a lovely pair for a reasonable price. Another great way to look chic is a floral printed dress or skirt, there easy to look at and simplistically playful.

If you’re curvy like I am, don’t hesitate to show off your legs, a great way to do that is to wear a free flowing bottoms. A maxi dress or skirt is a great way to do so, it gives the allusion that you'er thinner, and that you have more curves then Cul De Turini in Europe. Make sure your skirt or dress fits properly and doesn’t ride where it shouldn’t or that it doesn't hang awkwardly. Also make sure that you are comfortable in what your wearing; just because it may look good, doesn’t mean it feels right, have your pants, skirts or shorts hemmed or tailored to fit your size. Believe me, there is nothing more unappealing than a women walking around in pants that are just a tad too tight, or pair of pants that could be mistaken for a street sweeper.

Alright, a recap; own at least one thing pleated whether it be pants, skirts or a lovely dress. Hem or have your pants tailored and make sure to talk to grandma or mother to see if they have something vintage in your size. I hope that helps.

Happy Fashion
The D3vil Wears G

Bringing sexy back!

Ultra feminine 


flowey is the new black

GO for color!

Olivia Palermo. Such a beauty

Floral and Pleats! 

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