Floral me Crazy


Flowers Flowers Everywhere! 

Well, spring has arrived and needless to say floral is back in, and if you’re like me, you’re ecstatic to see what men, women and children have up their well tailored sleeves for this season. Whether you’re a business women in an office, or a runway model, you should own at least one floral piece in your wardrobe, even if it’s a jacket, pants, a beautiful blouse or even a bag. You MUST own floral.

The fun and exciting thing about floral is that it gives you the opportunity to wear just about any color with it. Go bananas! Really, you should never hold back when it comes to expressing your love for colors and fashion, especially when you have such a creative print to work with. Nothing is more appealing on a woman then an elegant floral dress, or blazer. It adds sophistication, class, and charm, also, you can never have enough floral, and you can never be to loud. Floral pants, floral jacket, and even a floral blouse underneath is okay; It shows your bravery and your confidence. So, ladies, and some gentlemen, rummage through your grandmothers vintage or head to Forever 21, and buy yourself some floral. 

Floral shoes. Urban Outfitter

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