Fashion Week day #2


Vancouver fashion Week !

Well, in comparison to Wednesday's fashion shows last night was incredible. As soon as the first model hit the runway the energy in the room went from calm and serine to ELECTRIC! 

The first five designers were students from LeSalle College Vancouver, and I must say, there were some divine collections and others looked unfinished. 

Nur Kurban
The first designer Nur Kurban designed a collection called Melis Nur. Her color palette was perfect for spring; pink, brown, and black and the silhouettes were ultra feminine and pretty, the models put on a little show as the graced the runway. There were a few dresses that I would consider to be cocktail dresses with a twist. Some of the models were having a difficult time in their heels, but overall the show was really well done and a lot of fun to watch. 

Click HERE for more photo's. 

Leigh Rose
The second designer had great ideas for her show, but not quite finished. I loved the music that went with the collection, but the music didn't accentuate the collection, the 1920's swinger music and the retro style clothing was not balanced properly. The collection had a great color palette and could have been taken up a notch, the zippers were bulging, and the skirts didn't quite fit the models properly, overall the collection was alright, but not great. 
Click HERE for more photo's

Jun Young Kim
Once again, not great, but still good. The collection as a whole had a very unfinished look to it. The dresses didn't flow on the models, they looked stuck and it's very important to have great flow and movement when walking. Also the models were struggling in their shoes. The models also had white faces and red lips, it was very cool, they all looked the same and had a very haunting look to them. The collection had great colours, the salmon pink skirts and greys and whites were lovely, perfect for spring/summer. The collection as a whole was very basic and simple, great music, but unfinished. 
click HERE for more photo's

Eunmi Kim
This collection was well done, the designer took on a Victorian era style to her clothing, the colours were stunning; deep wine reds, and black, lots of lace and very chic and sophisticated silhouettes. The models didn't struggle in their shoes either, the collection was really well put together and each piece was finished and looked elegant. 
Click HERE for more photo's. 

I can't express how much I LOVED this collection. This boy was from LeSalle college was... WOW! I can't stop gushing, alright back to the review, this collection was outstanding. The models knew exactly what they were doing, showing off the most important elements of each piece, posing long enough for everyone to ohh and ahh at each piece. The coral color pallet was refreshing, the gowns were stunning, and the symmetrical  lines were phenomenal, the dog on the runway was a great touch as well. The male model had me drooling and the stunning low back dress with the jewellery at the back was BREATH TAKING. I could go on all day about how much I enjoyed it, but Ill let you see for yourself, click HERE for more photo's. You'll soon understand why I loved the collection so much. My hat goes off to you Byron Abad.  

The last three designers are already well established. 

Justin Zachary, had a very elegant collection. His love for pretty gowns was evident in each piece. The girls all wore ball gown/prom dresses that were adorable and very easy on the eyes. Justin loves his glitz, all the dresses had an extensive amount of hand sown jewels. I not only adore Justin Zachary, but I adore his collection as well. Click here for more photo's.

Pamela Ordonez's collection Francesca, was saucy and sexy. The models were all dressed in comfortable jackets and poncho's with black jeans or comfortable leather pants. Her clutches were also stunning, they were classy but still feminine and sexy with lots of bling and just the right size. The overall collection was cute and flirty, just what Vancouver Fashion Week needed. click HERE!

Mackenzie Jones ft. Danielle Cameron. So when I go to a runway show, I don't usually anticipate that their is going to be a dance on the runway, but these two designers collaborated on an eccentric Twilight, "I love her, but she doesn't love me" sort of dance. The gowns were stunning, the models were very attractive, and the catwalk dance was OUT STANDING! Very well synchronized and according to the music. I applaud their collection as well as their models. Click HERE to see the collection.

Watch the video of the runway collections HERE!

Well that was fun, read me tomorrow! Don't forget to check out my Tumblr! and follow me on Twitter 

Nur Kurban

Leigh Rose

Eunmi Kim

Jun Young Kim

Justin Zachary

Yes, that is a dog on a runway. 

Pamela Ordonez

Mackenzie Jones & Danielle Cameron

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