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Hannah Matiachuk, the designer for Papillon, expressed her love for colour. Her collection consisted of oranges, purples, blues and black. The evidence of her travels was evident throughout this season. It looked simple and pretty. Honestly the garments were nothing we haven't seen before but it was nice to see a fresh take on basic dresses, pants and tunics. I applaud Hannah's collection for the Vancouver Fashion Week 2012 Fall/Winter.

Little Houses
They just blew me away! I am not usually one for printed clothing, but Shanah Flodstrom did it in a way that made my heart sing. She had well tailored pants and dresses, basic colours accentuated with coloured belts. She also added jackets and WOW! The jackets were so elegant and sophisticated, I would defiantly buy one! They were spectacular.

See more of the photos here


So, my point of view. 
-The first runway show, Papillon, was lovely, but honestly nothing I haven't seen before. The garments were charming and the energy in the room, when the models were walking, was electric. Everyone was eager and excited but nevertheless the clothing was simple, but still chic. 

-The second show, Little Houses, was nice, the designers took on a new look when it comes to prints. She used sail boats and pretty bows on her dresses, and if you are like me you love sailors and you love bows, so the two together was just darling. 

-The third show was less than impressive.  Nikkie Babie, I can't honestly sit here and go on and on and on about how much I adored the cowboy boots and dresses because I didn't. The clothing was less than impressive and some of the shoes looked a little flimsy. But the girls on the cat walk were fierce and having a ball, where the rest of the audience was, um, well, let's just end it at that. More photo's here 

-The fourth show was a menswear line, DB Homme, it won my heart. Even though the men were a little scary looking, the collection itself was outstanding. It was luxury wear without looking overly preppy. I give the collection a high-five and salute. More photo's here

-The last and final show was half an hour late, and there was very little entertainment, so we watched people run around with cameras taking pictures of peoples outrageous, crazy loud amazing fashion. Once the show got on it's way it took a long time for the model to appear from the shoot. Once the started coming out, it seemed like they never stopped. The show lasted around 20 minutes, the dresses were lovely though. Very 1950's and 1960's and pin-up chic. The models looked dapper and sexy with big hair and bright red juicy lips. The finally dress looked more like a wedding dress. The collection was a little confusing if I must say. Cocktail dresses, ball gowns, LBD's and some office wear. I couldn't tell if it was ready to wear, or haute couture, all I know is there was no direction. More photo's here

Second to last dress. LEGS!
All in all the first day went well. Lots of colour and prints as well as textures. So much to see so much to do, so little time. 


Little Houses

Nikkie Babie

DB Homme

Shelly Klassen. Blushing Boutique

Shelly Klassen

Erica Chapman (me) Naja Kadar (VFW's blog editor and chief). Katrina Ballozos (lookbook chief)
Photo's by Alex Waber Photography

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