Blousey and Drowsy


The normal blouse of 2012 if a lot different then the blouse of 2009. They're louder, brighter, see through, sexy and have become a statement piece in many women's wardrobe. They're versatile and easy to work with, they also look very sophisticated and sexy.

The best way to wear them is with a boyfriend blazer over top and a really feminin skirt or dress pants. If the shirt is see-through try a vibrant bra/bando underneath. Feel free to pair a bright floral blouse with some vibrant printed pants, it's okay wear a lot of colours, as long it's done well. Try one, dress it up or dress it down. Try it with a bow tie. Pair it with cute shorts to the beach or around town, or dress pants to work. Try out different looks and see what happens.
Bright and bold

Add some jewelry 

Bold prints

Tie the knot 

sheer and sexy

LV. Daphne

Bow Tie!

H&M has a great collection of cheap blouses.  
Forever 21 also has great blouses.


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