New York Fashion Week 2012


Michael Kors

Sitting in the back of the safari truck, we are told to look to our left where a leopard is chasing down a helpless antelope, to our right a long, tall beautiful giraffe is grazing gracefully on twigs and leaves, it's young huddled closely by. Just off in the horizon a heard of elephants bath at the water hole. 
With this image imprinted in Michaels brain his spring/summer 2012 collection exemplified just that. 

Michael Kors took to the wild and created a collection that no binoculars could magnify. By using tans, chocolates, oranges, yellows, and African tie-dye, Kors aloud us to join him on a safari ride that will be remembered forever. Showing off his animal within, he created stunning snakeskin maxi-dresses, leopard print jumpers, and also proper hunting attire such as light cotton tunics, and comfortable lace-up sandals. 

Of Kors Michael didn't just design for the women, his collection also included pieces for men. Sticking with an earth tone palette and rough textures, focusing his attention on leather and croc skinned sandals. He designed mid-calf skirts and khakis to give the collection a fresh desert feel. Adding courier-style bags and hand dyed silk-scarves to make the collection feel more complete. 

He didn't stop there, he also created amazing totes for everyday use, such as carrying your canteen, extra sunglasses, and a stylish place to keep your sunscreen. The tote collection consisted of the same colors and prints as the garments.

Kors made sure each traveler was fully equipped with the right shoes, bags, totes clothes and accessories for the journey into the savannah. 

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