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Johanna & Klara Söderberg

These two beautiful music artists are sisters, and very talented ones at that. In 2007 the girls decided to invest in their future, so they sent in a demo track to "Tangerine," a Swedish radio station, and were heard repetitively throughout the the summer. Then in 2008 the girls released their debut track "EP Drunken Trees" and shortly after the duo was heard by "Whitchita Records" and signed soon there after. 2010 the stunning Swedish sisters released "The Big Black & the Blue," and began touring extensively throughout the UK, Canada and The United States. Earlier this year Johanna and Klara released their third album "The Lion's Roar" and within a week of it's releases it hit #1 on the Swedish top Charts and #38 in the UK. 

Not only are these sisters extremely amazing artists but their also very talented in the wardrobe department as well. Their music reflects their style, old and rustic with a hint of elegance and 1950's all twisted into one. 
"The vibe we're going for is that Polaroid, analog look" - Johanna tells Vogue. "We love the feel of seventies art of photography. Just anything old looking" 

Their 1950's folk lore style suits them to a tee. The girls always look photo ready and during concerts they look chic and comfortable. I find them to be right on the ball with both their music and their style, their style accentuates their music, and their music accentuates their style, the perfect Swedish blend. 

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