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Yasmeen Ghauri

Teased all through elementary school for being to skinny, this Montreal born model landed an Elle magazine cover in 1990. Before she reached model super stardom, she was working in McDonald's, and was known for her rebellious characteristics, such as wearing black from head to toe, made it hard on her parents when she was discovered by Joseph Del Tortoon director of Platine Coiffure Edward Zaccharia. Her Muslim father disapproved and her German mother disallowed her to pursue her modelling career, never the less she pushed through her parents decisions. She was soon spending time in Paris and Milan before moving to New York where she entered the world of runway's, hair appointments and endless fittings. Yasmeen flourished, she was praised endlessly for her poise, and sophistication and her exaggerated walk, the New York Times quoted her walk as a "ball-bearing swivel of her hips"

in 1990 Yasmeen was on the core of Elle Magazine as well as becoming the face of Chanel and Jil Sander. By the end of 1990 Yasmeen had appeared on the cover of French Elle in both July and December, graced Gianna Versace's runway in Milan, walked for Chanel, Helmut Lang, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lanvin in Paris. In 1991 she became the new face of Dior, and Anna Klien and in January was photographed for Italian Vogue by non other than Steven Meisel.

1993 Yasmeen became the new face of Hermes, as well as Lanvin and was photographed by Gilles Bensinon for Elle.

Victoria Secret wanted to get her on their team, so they approached Yasmeen and signed a contract with her in 1992.  In 1995 she was photographed in the "Unzipped" Victoria Secret catalog and in 1996 Yasmeen walked the catwalk for Victoria Secret.

Walking for Yves Saint Laurent, the audience was captivated once again by her grace and elegance on the runway, and was scene for the last time, she retired in 1996 to settle down with husband Ralph Bernsten, to  relax and have two children.

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