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From 3500BC to 2012 women have been wearing heels from 1cm to 30". A woman will do just about anything to lengthen the leg, harden the calf, tighten the buns and grow just a few more inches while killing her feet and having sore hips from walking in killer stilettos, is it worth the pain?  The answer is YES.

The first heeled shoe is said to date back to 3500BC by the Egyptians. A leather strap held together with lacing was often arranged to look like the symbol for "Ankh" -which represents life.
During the middle ages, Turkey had both men and women of the upper class walking around in Pattens, a strap that would attach to a fragile wooden sole. The shoe was expensive and worn outside to keep the upper class out of the mud and debris while walking outdoors (Swann 1984)
From the 1400s to mid 1600s women were in heels ranging from 14"-30" requiring the assistance of a cane or a servant to walk, and were exclusively warn by women.

The word stiletto was derived from the word "stylus" meaning pin or stalk.
During the 19th century, shoe designer Andre Perguia designed a shoe for a Parisian singer named Mistinguett. Andre was not the first to design such shoes, but he can take credit for the way the stiletto is designed and was one of the first to begin the design of this super high shoe.
Roger Viver can take a lot of credit for the way shoes are designed today; Viver’s designs became popular in the late 1950s. In 1974 Manolo Blahnik reintroduces a new version of the stiletto, the "Needle." From then on shoes have gotten higher, more dangerous and even sexier.

From the 1cm kitten heel, to the 30" tower, women will do just about anything for a little extra height. Although killing the feet, the look is worth the pain.

 High heels were invented by a woman who was kissed on the forehead- Christopher Morley

Incredible Shoe designers. 
Jimmy Choo
Patrick Cox
Liam Fayh
Salvatore Ferragamo
Christian Louboutin
Maud Frizon
Tinker Hatfield
Steve Madden
Bruno Magli
Beatrice Ong
Manolo Blahnick
Vivian Westwood
Christian Lacroix
Roger Viver
Chuck Taylor

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