My top 10 BEST and WORST dressed of 2011


  Can you believe another year is over? I have a feeling that 2012 will be another year of great fashion, new colors and some outrageous fashion.

1. Fashion 2011 was an inspiring year and who best to start off the best dressed women of the year then Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. She defined royal fashion. She continues to present herself in the most elegant light, she's sophisticated, lady like and graceful

Check out my previous blog called 'Royal Flush'

2. 2011 has been a roller coaster for this gentleman; he's been in and out of jail and has had some crazy moments during his rise to fame. Lil Wayne has shown to us that an auto tuned voice and some major ink can have you going from rags to riches. Weezy has entered the worst category.  During his 'I Am' music tour he wore a red, furry hat, pajama pants and a white t-shirt we thought we had seen the worst of it, but he then showed us that he could take fashion to a whole new level he arrived at the VMA's wearing leopard-print jeggings (jean leggings) over blue Ralph Lauren briefs. Oh Lil Wayne, what were you thinking? Can we get you a stylist? 


3. Sexy, sophisticated, curvy and lady like, Jenna Lyons charm and grace has her rising to the top of the best dressed charts globally. Creative director of J Crew, and fashion diva, Jenna can rock just about anything and look graceful, poised and elegant. Rocking a sequin shirt, jeans and heals would make most women look a little over the top, but Jenna makes it look effortless and trendy. Standing at over 6' tall, she still continues to rock stilettos, who cares if you tower over everyone, she’s stunning.  


4. Kreayshawn  has shown the world that there is such thing as to much. When she stepped out onto the scene with her official single "Gucci Gucci" she was turning heads for her over the top style. Her edgy personality is brought to life with her gold hair, and multiple cartoon tattoos. When she sported a sequinned dress to the VMA's she shot to the top of the worst dressed category shortly after. She wore a red, gold and green Mickey and Minnie Mouse dress with red Nikes, she left her friends and fans speechless! Most celebrities can get away with almost anything, but that was just unacceptable!

5. Iris Apfel, style legend. Need I say more?


Known for her over the top style and "big bold and beautiful" attitude continues to make her 2011's most amazing dresser. She debuts her own jewelry line for HSN and cosmetic collection with MAC. Although she may be a little too much to look at, she is a style legend and will continue to add her own personal flair to everything. 

Check out this blog about Iris and her style. She is truly a jewlery queen.

Target practice. Ready, Aim FIRE!
6. Soulja Boy

Usually I wouldn't spend more than 5 seconds on this man, but this is just truly awful and needs to be discussed. Stepping onto the AMW's Soulja Boy Tell 'Em was sporting his trademark sunglasses and multi-colored, silk buttoned down shirt. Only buttoning his ensemble half way, what, did you get too tired to do up the rest of the shirt? To make sure to wear a wife beater underneath, just in case he cold
Someone needs to Tell 'Em NO!


7. This young lady has a very darling appearance. She is tall and graceful and sings the most adorable style and her style reflects that. Women take notes, even if you are tall, wear heels; Taylor has proven that it looks lovely and elegant. Just a few months ago, Taylor ditched her 'teenage girl' look and is now taking on the world wearing ladylike attire. Nothing says beauty and sophistication better than a red 50's-style dress.


8. 8. LIL Kim the original Pussycat Doll has definitely hit a high not, and shattered ever glass from the US to London. Taking inspiration from Michael Jackson and Madonna, she wore a sequinned black blazer, black mesh tights and tank top and a black leather belt to match. They say black goes with everything, but sequins, leather and mesh should be worn separately, too much of everything, is just TOO MUCH! Michael and Madonna would be ashamed. 

9. Sarah Jessica Parker. 
Sex and the City star has shown to us that she can rock jewelry to bed, Valentino in Mexico and a Burqa in Abu Dhabi. Despite the fact that people say she looks like a horse (she does NOT) she is one of my personal favorite dressers, and always looks smashing on the red carpet. Her flowing locks and super slim ballerina figure has men whistling and women hitting the gym to get her figure.  
yes! Yes!! YES!!!

Lady Gaga,
I am sorry, but this woman has worn everything from meat dresses, to glass slippers, and sat in front of Ryan Seacrest with her nipple exposed. There is nothing redeeming about her style. Although her music is good, her style is not. Yes, her outfits are supposed to be outrageous but they are just unattractive. We love you Gaga but some of your choices are less then gratifying. 

I don't eat meat because of this dress. 

Best and worst dressed

Gossip Girl in Paris. Blake Lively


Gossip Girl

Tennis anyone ?

Precious. Not so precious.

Excuse me?

Someone didn't finish their dress

Jersey Shore, what are you doing?

what part of 'NO' do you not understand? The  'N' or the 'O' ?

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