Lanvin founded by Jeanne Lanvin.

The first to sport Lanvins elegant, delicately designed dresses was non other than her daughter, and soon word spread about the designer and soon the elite women of Europe were flocking to Lanvin's door in hopes of scoring a gown. In 1909, Lanvin was considered couture and in 1920 Lanvin opened a shop consisting of menswear, decor, lingerer and furs. Four yeas later, Lanvin's signature scent was released. Heliotrope was used to infuse the fragrance, Arpege.

Lanvin was considered one of the most influential designers throughout the 1920's and into the late 1930's. When Jeanne Lanvin died in 1946, the boutique and title was left to her daughter, Marie-Blanche and since she died childless in 1958, the company was left to her cousin, Yves Lanvin. For a few years after her death the company changed hands several times. With stakes in the company, Midland Bank brought in Leon Bressler, then in 1990 the Vuitton family took over then L'orel acquired 66% of the company in 1994. Then in 2001, Lanvin was taken back privately by Taiwanese media celebrity Shaw-Lan Wang and in October 2001, Alber Elbaz was appointed creative director of the company. 2006 brought in the new packaging for the company featuring "forget-me-not" flower colours. Lanvin finally established a store in the United States on December 4 2009, in Bal Garbour Florida.

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Well, Alber Elbaz caught everyone by surprise this season, with his vampire-esque collection. Sexy dark and alluring was the thought on everyone minds at the spring summer show in Paris this past week. Digging deeper than ever Elbaz, designer for Lanvin, allowed his sense of catholism and dark demure get the best of him, but not in a bad way. Using heavy pendents, chokers and thick, smart tailored pieces gave the overall look of the collection a haunting, shimmery appearance. After the harsh, dark, gothic appearance, the collection began to take on a new appearance, using white, navy and nudes the collection was now light and airy. The tough gothic collection was softened with ivory and light0weight dresses. Et Voila, the collection was complete.

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