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Lauren Conrad

Not only is she a fashion icon, but she's also a mentor to many. Lauren Kathrine Conrad is a California sweetheart, a television personality, celebutant and a fashion designer. After Laguna Beach and The Hills she pursued her career as a fashion designer. 

In 2007, Lauren landed an internship at Teen Vogue and under the authority of Lisa Love, Lauren's talent flourished. In 2008 Lauren debuted her collection at the Mercedes-Benz LA Fashion Week in March. In fall 2009 Lauren released 'LA Candy' in Kohl's stores nation wide. Later in the year Lauren was a guest star during America's Next Top Model cycle 13.

In 2009 Lauren hit New York's Bestseller list fr her first novel 'LA Candy', then she released her second novel 'Sweet Little Lies' and finally in October 25 2010 she released her 3rd  novel 'Sugar and Spice.' Adding to her collection of novels, she released a fashion and beauty guide called 'Lauren Conrad Style.' The books will be turned into a movie and Lauren will be brought on as a producer. 

The Fame Game, will be her new reality TV series focusing on her trials and successes as a fashion designer. Her website TheBeautyDepartment will be releasing a cosmetics line fall 2012. 

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lovely Lauren

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