Jean Paul Gaultier


Born on April 24th 1952, JPG knew he was destined to be a designer. Sending his sketches to famous couture designers, Gaultier, wanted to get his foot the door desperately. In 1970, JPG got his opportunity with Pierre Cardin, who was impressed by the young mans talent; he hired him as an assistant. In 1971, he worked with Jacques Esterel and Jean Patou, later that year he returned to manage Pierre Cardins boutique in Manila, in 1974.

Known as the "L'Enfant terrible" in French fashion, he released his first collection in 1976; which consisted of street wear, and popular couture. Where most couture brands are elegant and main stream, his were playful and outgoing.

Some found his designs appealing where as others such as Elle, French Marie Claire, and many other fashion editors fell in love with his darling, rustic, street charm. In 1984, JPG introduced the man-skirt as wells as designing Madonna's legendary "cone-bra" costume for her 1990s Blond Ambitions Tour.

As with every new designer, JPG had controversy with his exhibition of full-figured women, older men and tattooed women on his cat walk. Although many felt uncomfortable, it brought him enormous popularity and criticism. Many of Marilyn Monroe's costumes are designed by Gaultier. He also designed for singer, Mylene Farmer.

JPG's gallery collection resembled that of Alexander McQueen; but JPG's are a little more tame, yet still remain sophisticated.

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