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Dear Vancouver. 
What ever happened to carrying about what you put on your back? What happened to wearing a great skirt and an amazing top to work? I am so sick and tired of seeing Lululemon pants around the city, there beginning to loose their appeal. I walk into Aritzia and I feel happy and amazed by the fashion that I see, then I step out onto the street and I wish I was carrying a blindfold. Where did the love of fashion go? Sure, we may not be a super wealthy city like New York, but Toronto has a fashion world, why can't we. So, I ask you this, instead of waking up early to take an extra long shower, wake up early take a shower and pick out an outfit that makes you feel stunning, an outfit that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Believe me, you feel way more attractive in a Prada sweater than a Sears sweater, spend a little extra cash and make yourself feel better, believe me, it's worth it. Read a Vogue, Elle, Fashion, Harper's Bazaar, or Vanity Fair magazine, catch up on the latest trends, the best colors for the season and get out there and show your friends, your boss and your significant other that you can put an elaborate outfit together and see what happens. Make that your New Years resolution, Vancouver, let's put ourselves on the fashion map for 2012. Who knows we could have some incredible designers in our city in the near future, get out there and make it happen.

Here are some ideas, even if you don't have a Victoria Secret models body, you can make the outfit to fit your body.

Major swag!

Explore the unexplored!

Be proud to be in this beautiful city. Stop wearing Lulu's and wear some Halston. 

Wear dearing heels, even if you are 6' be 6'7" if you need to be, STAND OUT IN THE CROWD

Break the rules this season, do something you have never done before. Don't wait until summer to do something creative, do it now.

Wear something bold. Turn head, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Be you, Be sophisticated, Be eccentric Be creative! 

Men who dress well are attractive, sexy and sophisticated. I dig it

Don't hold back, do what you have been dying to do since you started dressing yourself

Who cares if you feel a little uncomfortable, own what you put on, rock those socks and turn heads. Maybe you'll get a promotion. See what happens!

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