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When people ask me what fashion means to me, I would probably say that fashion is art; Art that sways with joy and pride. Fashion is a way of being. Fashion is communication; you can tell people just how you're feeling by what you are wearing. Fashion is elegant, graceful, hideous, and even, sometimes, distasteful. Fashion is your own idea of beauty. I believe that the clothing on your back dictates who you are. Sure you may go to the thrift store and grab a shirt off the rack for $3 and look like you just walked off the catwalk, or you could go to an outlet store and get a shirt for $30 dollars and look less than elegant, it’s all in how you dress yourself. 

Fashion is each too their own. Fashion is a form of expression, whether the person is happy, sad, scared or just non emotional. You wake up every day and put clothes on. You make a conscious or unconscious decision as to what you will be wearing for that day, and what you want to say to people. You tell people a lot about what you put on your back. You can tell people that you are successful and goal oriented by the clothes you wear, or you can tell them that you are athletic and physically fit, you can even tell people your emotions with your clothing, maybe you've lost a loved one so you wear black, maybe you’re going on holiday to somewhere warm so you wear yellow, you could even wear pink to let it be known to the world that you're in love, who knows. All I know is fashion is fabric, textiles, architecture, design, movement, poise, elegance, and even relaxation. So when people ask me what fashion means to me, I tell them this;

Fashion is self expression, fashion is art, and within that art there is a story. Fashion is what I love; it's what I believe in. Fashion is a livelihood. 
   Fashion is a way of being . 


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