Chanel Spring 2012


Chanel S/S 2012

This season, Lagerfeld took Chanel to a whole new level. His aquatic wonderland at the Grand Palais brought Chanel to life. 
"The ground of the sea, but in a very poetic way" -KL
Adding a dramatic techno soundtrack kept the vibe upbeat, alive yet peaceful, the look was magical. Pearls scattered in the models hair, sea urchins and shells decorated their heels. 

Lagerfeld's ability to make even the simplest piece look ultra elegant makes Chanel such an asort label. Airy-waffle textured cardigans, open-tweed knits and pearl pink skirts were easy, delicate and wearable. The fine details collaborated with a hint of haute couture added to a ready-to-wear collection was breathtaking in its simplicity. 

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