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Victoria Beckham

Philip Tracey

Posh Spice exploded onto the scene with her all-girl British group "The Spice Girls" back in 1994 and became an even bigger sensation when she married soccer star, David Beckham in July 1999. Victoria has always been seen as a fashion icon. From her 7" platform boots to a sophisticated bob-cut woman.  

In 2007 she was photographed in a hot pink feminine Roland Mouret sheer dress and matching Hermes Birkin. Victoria's eclectic style has women and men drooling. In 2011 Mrs. Beckham wore a Philip Treacy dress to the royal wedding and 9"heels, while pregnant. Although her dress hid the baby bump it didn't conceal her impeccable taste in clothing.

         "Victoria is a beautiful and fascinating woman. Both strong and determined" -Roberto Cavalli

In 2005 Victoria wore a stunning gown designed by Cavalli, specifically for her. The blue gown hugged all of Victoria's elegant features and captivated the audience.

Victoria & Brian Atwood 

Not only does Victoria have a relaxed, refined style. She also designed her own line "Victoria." She wore her own dress in 2010 and paired the skin colored dress with a pair of Brian Atwood pumps; she looked modern without looking naked. Victoria's ease and sex appeal on and off the red carpet gives her a leg up on the competition. Not that many stars would attempt to show her up.

     "She not only understands fashion and trends, but has been a trend-setter and fashion icon for years. -Micheal Ball

Roland Mouret

Roberto Cavalli


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