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Catherine Deely

You may think that long legged, elegant, sophisticated Cat Deely has always been that way, but as a young girl, and into her teens, Cat was indeed a tomboy. Since 2006, Cat has been the host for So You Think You Can Dance US. She has also received numerous nominations for her outstanding hosting ability. 

At 18, Deely was a full-time model in the UK, and the face of Pantene shampoo. In 1998-2002 she co-hosted a children's TV show. In 2001 she received the BAFTA award and appeared in an episode of BBC's Happiness. In 2005 she provided the voice of "Loretta Geargrinder" in the UK version of Robots. Then in 2006 she began hosting SYTYCD.
In 2011 Cat made a small guest appearance in Disney channel "Shake it up" where she portrayed a vice principal. 

Cat has done a number of different things, from modeling, to TV shows, to hosting and more. She continues to take the world by storm with her legs-for-days and flowing golden locks. Cat's creative fashion and great body allows her to look fantastic in just about anything. 

Cat and Lauren Conrad

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