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Pink Tartan
Pink Tartan, a Canadian based brand dips into two pools; the pool of luxury and the pool of gentle sophistication. Their fall/winter 2011 line was full of color, unlike the couture brands that stuck to pastels,  Pink Tartan used bright reds, dark and light blues, black and white, and bold oranges along with some sequins, Their designer Kimberly Newport-Mimran took Pink Tartan to a whole new level. 
Kimberly Newport-Mimran
Kimberly is president and head designer of Pink Tartan, she co-founded the company in Toronto in 2002. In 2004, the company expanded majorly with stores worldwide from Saks Fifth Ave. to Seoul; North America, and Dubai. 
Kimberly grew up with her grandmother in Niagara Falls and from a young age, she was awestruck by her Grandmother Audrey.
   "She was a lady who lunched and played bridge. She served tea sandwiches in pearls and polished shows. Always topped off with a perfect coat." 
At the age of 14, Kimberly was climbing the latter towards her dreams, selling retail and learning about customers and their wants and needs. She later studied merchandising and manufacturing retail management at college.  Kimberly's grandmother influenced her fashion dramatically, the romantic and grand formative image remains at the heart of Kimberly's collections. 

Pink Tartan had a clear identity, from their crisp cotton twill, men's style, cut snug to a women's body and finished with elegant french cuffs, remains a staple today. Every season she tweaks the modern classic, adding a fresh new color or maybe a ruffle. Soon she began adding to her collection, but there is always a Paris-chic take on the LBD (little black dress) as well as a little jacket, a nod to Grandma Audrey. 

" I'm a sportswear designer, clothes to live your life in and easily transition from day to night" -K N-M

Her sophisticated range grew as she continued to designer her most recent collection consisting of louche hoodies by day, and sequins shoes by night. Her luxurious fabrics that fit the body and the gentle seams allow everything to move freely, and elegantly. Always looking ladylike, but never prim. 

2010 spring summer

spring summer 2009

fall winter 2010

fall winter 2006

spring 2011

For the next week, I will be writing about Candian designers. If you would like to submit one, please let me know. Either facebook me one, or Comment. Today's blog was brought to my attention by my best friend. Thanks, Lee.

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