Following World War II, Haute Couture was reborn. Square shoulders, and short skirts were replace by Christian Dior's feminine silhouettes and elegant lines. Replacing heavy skirts with light flowing skirts, fitted waists and rounded shoulders, which turned into the structured look of the 50's.
After the war, the discovery of synthetic fabrics exploded onto the market, acrylic, polyester,and spandex   beaceme very popular.

Christian Dior opened their "House of Dior" on February 2 1947 and released the "New Look," consisting of  a full skirt, pointed bust, and a small waist. The curved jacket, over a high, rounded, curved shoulder, and full skirt. After the war women's accessories became a prized possession, women were scene wearing gloves and pearls everywhere.

Sportswear was mostly designed in New York during the war and remained so after the war. Women who had warn trousers did not want to give up that luxury, the easy going, care free life style of the '50's allowed them to do so. The mid-thigh length Bermuda shorts became popular in 1945, and remained so throughout the 50's and into the early 60's. Women began wearing one piece and two piece bikini's in the mid 50's.

After the war, men's suits were very often double-breasted and broad-shoulders. Trousers became fuller but still cuffed at the bottom. In America Esquire introduced the "New Look," a wide-shoulders,with broad lapel and emphasis on bold accessories, was all the rage. In Britain, clothing remained the same. Savil Row, introduced the "New Edwardian Look," featuring a slightly flared jacket, narrow cut, natural shoulders and a curly brimmed bowler-hat.   In the late 1950's a new house in Italy began the fabrication a suit with sharper shoulders, light fabrics, and shorter fitted jackets and narrowed lapels.

Post war, men's and women's fashion had changed dramatically. Before the war women were in short, wide boy figured "flapper" dresses. Men were in top hats and and long tailed jackets, in the 50's men were in wide cuffed pants, and curled bowlers. Fashion continued to change through the decades and continues to change today, adding styles from previous years and giving the era a new flare.

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