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Micheal Kors
With over 30 years in the fashion industry MK's brilliant color and textures can be seen from miles away. This man has grown from a comfortable fortune to selling over a Billion Dollars in sales this year. Kors rose to fame in 1981 launching his extraodinatry menswear line, catching the eyes of every male celebrity in town. Soon after the launch of his menswear line, fragerence, multiple awards and a few accessory collections, Micheal Kors began dotting the globe with stores. Now he has the attention of celebrities and First Lady, Michelle Obama who wore Micheal Kors in the official White House portrait.

At 52, Kors still manages to create lustfully delicate pieces. For his recent 30th Anniversary, Kors hit his fashion line out of the ball park, this Yankee dazzled the audience.
                           "She looks like an Amish Cocktail waitress."

Kors is also a judge on Project Runway, he does all this while looking calm, cool, and collected.

Fashion Magazine; Fashion Files Q&A
  - By Sarah Casselman.
"Has the MK girl changed over the years?" 
"I plan to keep my collection luxurious, spare, comfortable and sex. The look has evolved but I've been pretty consistent in my messages over the 30 years that I've been doing this. The customer has definitely changed. The girl who has always interested me is someone who is a bit of a dichotomy: she's a sexy tomboy, she's strong, she opinionated she loves fashion, but she's never going to be a fashion victim."

"You've expanded into E-Commerce but you've always been known for your trunk shows. Do they still produce results?" 
"The reality is that for any designer to be good at what they do they have to live int he world. so for me, its not only a trunk show. It's travel, it's being out , even when it's impromptu. Ill walk into my store find out what's going on, watch girls on the street-all of that keeps you plugged in."

"So you enjoy public appearance?"
"No matter how fun it is to see clothes on a runway model, there's nothing better than seeing them come to life on a real person. it could be Angelina Jolie taking her kids to the water park or Jennifer Aniston doing errands. If they look great and are able to live their lives without having their clothes get in the way then I know I did my job."

"Who was your original  Kors Girl?"
"I've always admired Lauren Hutton and Ali Macgraw- sporty, sexy, American women. And, of course, for most designers who are men your mother will always be an influence."

"Why did you have your 30th Anniversary party in Paris?"
"Actually we had three. New York; Bette Midler arrived with her ukulele, singing 'Happy Anniversary.' My favorite place in NY has always been the Carlyle's Bemelmans Bar. When I first started [in fashion] the last thing that any American designer ever thought was that you were going to someday have a fashion show in Paris and spend time working [there]. I spent 7 years at Celine as the creative directory and truly fell in love with Paris. To be able to celebrate in a city where I spent a lot of time is a homecoming, and it commemorated our largest store opening in the world."

"You have been loyal to many of your runway and campaign girls. Why has this been important to you?" 
"I have never dressed a model-and still don't- like a mannequin. Beauty with a model is a given, but when someone has their own style and personality, they add their own spin. I've known Karolina Kurkove and Isabeli Fontana since they were 15. I've watched them both become wives and mothers."

"What was the starting point for your Fall 2011 Collection?" 
"I though, 'You know what? their years entitles you to use yourself as an adjective.The 70's was the sporty decadence. I like the athleticism and the power of the 80's- without the shoulder pads and they Dynasty. The 90's were, to me, all about quality, simplicity understatement."

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