Mara Mara on the Wall


Kate & Rooney Mara:

These football dynasty dolls were born into the world of sports. Their grandfathers, on each side, founded the New York Giants, and the other the Pittsberg Steelers. Instead of staying with the family business, these stunning sisters decided to join the acting world. 

Both girls have quite different styles. Kate is able to pull off period pieces, and exudes a, Rita Hayworth, glamour. Her chizzled jaw and tiny figure make her a darling on the red carpet, and simply divine onscreen. For designers, she is a dream to dress, with her sun kissed skin she has the ability to wear any color, and makes her unstoppable on the red carpet. Born February 27th, Kate knew she wanted to be an actress. After watching 'Les Miserable,' on Broadway, she new she was destined to be on the big screen. She described herself as "painfully shy" growing up, she's still yet to grow out of it. After she graduated from Fox Lane High School, she was accepted to New York University, instead she deferred for 3 years before moving to Manhattan to pursue acting even further. You may have screen this Bedford beauty in Brokeback Mountain, in 2005, Shooter in 2007 and even HBO series, Entourage. To Toronto's Film Festival Kate was spotted in a stunning Christian Dior, the sheer nude with a black tulle overlay was naughty but nice. This New Yorker stands at 5'3" so she has to be aware of her legs, and she is, and so are we ;)

Patricia Rooney Mara made her debut in 2005 in the recreation of 'Nightmare on Elm Street.' This little boystruss Bedford sweet heart has gone through a jaw dropping transformation. Her long flowing brown hair is now cut boy-short, with the sides shaved, her perfectly shaped eyebrows now contain an piercing. She has taken on the role of Lisbeth Salander in 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,' the first of a three part movie series. This, once blush pink, sparkle cardigan, lace tops girly girl has now a darker more harden look. Attending the spring Rodarte fashion show, she resembled a goth version of Pippy Longstocking. After graduation Ronney went traveling before attending NYU where she studied psychology, international social policy and non profits and graduated in 2010. Her inspiration for acting came from movies like 'Gone with the Wind,' 'Rebecca,' and 'Bringing up Baby.' She landed the role of Juliet in 'Romeo & Juliet' while she attended NYU. 

New York has raised these women well, both actresses are completely opposite now and have adapted well to their styles. Kate remains chique and colorful, where Rooney is deep, dark and mysterious. 

Kate & Rooney

Rooney Transformation 

Kate in Prada

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Kate in Miu Miu


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