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Dear Betsy Johnson lovers,

Betsy Johnson, born August 10 1942, is an all around American designer, as a young child Betsy was always fascinated by fantasy. She is best known for her extraordinary, whimsical designs. Yeah, she may be over the top, but that is why she is so loved. Inspired by her early years of dance classes, she used to put together her own costumes. Her dance teacher gave her the part of "Butterscotch," she came up with a; white satin blazer speckled with gold sequins, a creamy tutu and a shirt and bow tie.

After winning the Mademoiselle Guest Editor Contest, Johnson was taken in a s a designer at Manhattans boutique, Paraphernalia. Quickly becoming the "youthquake" fashion movement, along with the Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Edie Segwick, and Andy Worlah's under ground scene.Betsy put Paraphernalia on the fashion map with her dresses that lit up or pasted on. When the bosses of Paraphernalia told her to cool her designs, she got angry and quite.  1970, Betsy took over Alley Cat, a popular rock 'n' roll fashion label. In her first year her revinue was reportedly at $5million. In 1972 she won the Coty Award. In 2002, Johnson was inducted into the Fashion Hall of Fame, the same year she was diagnosed with breast cancer.In 2003 she expanded her line to handbags, hats, scarves and accessories.

In her 30's Betsy produced a prototype of the rebellious braless hippie style.

"Ooh how clearly I recall the joy of wearing the costumes. They were ever so much more exciting than plain old clothes. You'd be surprised at how many women still want to look precious- like baby doll." -BJ

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