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Dear Lagergelt lovers,

Karl Otto Lagerfeld, born September 10th 1933, is known for being an incredible photographer as well as his uncanny ability to create a sophisticated, outrageous collection. As creative director of Chanel, owning his own label, and designer for Fendi, Lagerfeld always seems to put an exquisite collection together and still has time to collaborate with other designers.

At age 22 Lagerfeld was awarded a position with Pierre Balmaine after winning second in a coat designing competition. Losing first place to Yves St. Larent, Lagerfeld will always be bitter towards the designer.

Lagerfeld's first solo collection was a two-hour catastrophic mess, negative reviews slapped down Karl's collection faster than the models could saunter down the runway.

  "The firm's brand new, 25 year old, Ronald Karl, showed a collection which stressed shape and had no trace of last year's sack. A couple of short black cocktail dresses were cut so wide open at the front that some of the women reporters gasped. Other cocktail and evening dresses featured low-cut backs." -Carrie Donovan

In 1960, Lagerfeld put out a second collection; again the collection was poorly received.

   "It looked clever and immensely sell-able ready-to-wear, not couture." -Carrie Donovan

After that Lagerfeld took a break.

In 1963 Lagerfeld gave his designing another go. After spending a few years on the beach he had a fresh perspective. Joining Evan Richards at Tiziani, a Roman couture house, the two sketched out a collection together in 1963. Lagerfeld continued designing for the collection until 1969 when he was replaced by Guy Douvier. After he began designing freelance for Curiel in 1970, his first collection was described as "drippy drappy elegance" for a "1930's cinema queen."

In 2002, Lagerfeld politely approached Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel, and asked to do a collaboration. The collection was put on display during the 2002 Paris Fashion Week. The collection received raving reviews. In New York and Tokyo the collections sold 90% of their trousers within the first week of show. The collaboration was a success and put Karl Lagerfeld back on the map.

" I am honored to have met the fashion icon of our time. Karl represents creativity, tradition and challenge, and the fact that he thought of Diesel for this collection is a great gift and acknowledgement of out reputation as the pret-a-porter of casual wear." -Renzo Rosso

In November,12, 2004, Karl Lagerfeld and Swedish brand H&M's collaboration offered a limited range of different men's and women's apparel. Lagerfeld feared working for an outlet store would disfigure his "couture image," although his line was well received, almost all his clothes were sold within a few short days.

On September,10, 2010 Lagerfeld was presented with "The Couture Council Visionary Award." On the same day Orrefus announced their collaboration with Lagerfeld. Their fist collection "Orrefus by Karl Lagerfeld:" was  launched in Spring of 2011.

Chanel 2012 spring/summer Paris

Fendi 2012

Chanel 2011
As an avid photographer, Karl often shoots his own press photographs. "Kaiser Karl" is what the press calls him; his fan, long white pony tale, sunglasses and dark suit are his trademark essentials. He has made himself such a well known spectacle in the fashion world. Karl Otto Lagerfeld a creative director, owner and designer, continues to lead the world into a new era of haute couture. Yearly, his timeless pieces have graced the catwalk for so long. Through many years of harsh media criticism the designer remains strong willed, we look forward to more of your collaborations and crazy couture.

x- The Collector 

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