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Dear Jimmy Choo fans:

Jimmy Choo was born into a family of shoemakers in Malasia. He's now based in London UK, where he became best known for his handmade women's shoes. At the age of 11 Choo made his first shoe and went on the be the best and most well known student from Corwaines Technical College in England where he graduated in 1983. In order to fund his education Choo worked part time in a restaurant and as a cleaner at shoe factory. From humble beginnings.

Choo's beginnings trace back to his workshop in Hackey North London. By renting out an old hospital building he was able to design and create and sell his shoes, in this building his talent grew to fame when he was noticed by Diana Princess of Whales. In 1996 he co-founded Jimmy Choo Ltd. with Vogue accessories editor Tamara Mellon.

In April 2001 Choo's sales sailed in a whopping $10million, since then his brand has expanded to handbags and accessories as well as a ready-to-wear women's line.


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