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Dear Winter Women,
Nothing like a beautiful jacket to make you feel beautiful, warm and sexy. So who better than Burberry? Since 1856 Burberry has been designing the most attractive jackets the world has ever known. Yes, you pay a pretty penny, but you'll be strolling around in timeless elegance.

The same today as it was in 1856;

 During the 1900's Burberry has relied on the trench coat more so than any jacket. During 2000, Burberry took an elegant but edgy detour. In 2008 women favoured the masculine side; Burberry's designer Christopher Bailey took the collection to new heights adding snippets of suit jackets and weaving a rugged into the coat. As well, in his collection he added heavy jewelry and used  dark browns, blacks and navy's; 2008 was masculine, edgy and refreshing. Through 2010 the theme was thrust back to the trench, Christopher drew the historic trench coat and gave it a refurbished appeal. The winter 2010 line was girlish, the jackets were laced with bows, pulled with elegant heavy belts and polished with distinction.


Prorsum Womenswear September 19 , 2011, London, Hyde Park

Held in a greenhouse, Burberry's collection  contained pastels, as well as blacks. A very sophisticated look, simple with a hint of adolescence, every model in an adorable little tuque. The women were sporting thick chunky heels, with an opened toe for elegance, it shows both robust yet soft appearance, it was matchless. 

Did you know? 
Did you know that every tile and piece of jewelry was hand made on every Prorsum women's wear Spring/ Summer 2012 collection?  

Burberry's Spring/Summer collection consisted of a multitude of multifaceted textures. Everything from frumpy heavy skirts, too incredible stone work jackets; each individual piece hand made. This season was about dark hues, as well as bold block prints, tweed mixed with lace and heavy cowgirl inspired leather jackets to add eccentric flare to the collection. Woven parkas made a ravishing appearance, created with Raffia.  (RAFFIA: native to a tropical region in Africa, grows up to 16m. tall, the longest living plant known to man) 
An amazing piece Burberry put on the runway was a Multicolored Alligator Clutch. Both the textures and the colors are the definition of perfection. Plaid, and still gentle on the eyes; beige, and heavy yellow such a flawless combination. The clutch was unique in its elegance, so sophisticated, but edgy. Along with an excellent series of bags, Burberry enhanced their collection by adding a warm delicate fragrance, "Eau de Parfum." 


x- The Collector 

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