Beauty Beauty on the wall. These are my favorites of them ALL !


Omora Elewa 
This Nigerian-born woman is now the editor of Pop'Africana. She brings colors of Africa to life, adding turbans and bold prints allow her to stand out in the most sophisticated and beautiful way. Her cheery dis-positing and "let's talk" vibe make her very approachable for many fashion bloggers. 

Emma Stone
This compelling 23 year old actress has not only dazzled us on screen but has made our jaws drop in the fashion world. Sporting a Ciambatta Villa cashmere sweater this Arizona resident knows just how to dress. Her beauty alone make her stand out, but adding a sophisticated style Emma has now become a fashion icon for many.

Marina Munoz
From Buenos Aries; Bernardsville, New Jersey; Mexico City; Paris and finally New York, this nomadic model has the most blog worthy style. From the East Coast to the South Pacific, Marina's style has adapted to her surroundings and now gives her a feminine elegance. Her signature fadora and bold prints have put this 29 year-old on the fashion map.    

Julia Sarr-Jamois
Julia Sarr-Jamois
Wonderland Magazine editor Julia Sarr- Jamois has fashion bloggers clamping at the bit to get a chance to have a word with her. Julia's lofty hair, brilliant smile and inimitably cool style makes her a stand out in a crowd. Sitting front row at the Fashion Week gives her a chance to see first hand the latest looks.

Hailee Steinfeld.

In Prada
In Miu Miu
After 15,000 dresses the Parabal Gurung dress  caught Hailee's eye and she new she was destined to have the dress. The orange, pink and black Prada gown was va-va-va-voom and made her the talk of the town. The teenager, sporting the Miu Miu mini dress, has many limitations to her fashion, only able to wear rings, bracelets and necklaces because her mom won't let her get her ears pierced

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