What Not to wear!


Dear ladies,

When Lululemon was established in 1998, I do not believe that they thought they were going to be this successful. But they are.
The problem with the ladies in Vancouver is they believe that sporting yoga pants everywhere is acceptable. I am sorry IT IS NOT. When going to the grocery store, or to Starbucks, going to pick up the kids, whatever it is you do in a day, wear something other than your sweats, and tight pants. Yoga pants are meant to be warn in a yoga studio, not in a restaurant.
Do not get me wrong, I fully support Lululemon and all their pieces. They do great things for the community and put Vancouver back on the map.

Just so you know, Vancouver is in the top 5 of being the ugliest dressed people in the world.

So instead of taking the dog for a walk in show-off -everything pants, try wearing a light jacket, a pair of jeans a necklace and cute flats. You may say, "Erica, jeans are hard to put on, and I don't want to dress up." Well, I say, put them on. Who knows you could possibly see the man of your dreams at the dog park. Save the Lululemons for when you are snuggling on the couch with dog-park- boy.


Sweat pants are included in that as well. Refrain from strolling down to the coffee shop in your grad year pants. They are only really cute when you first get them in grade 12. After that, they are meant to collect dust in your closet. Ladies, leggings are great, as well as super comfortable, I get it, I wear them as well, but PLEASE, be tasteful when you wear them.

Men Hate:
-Uggs. > they are cute when you are the one in them. Rightfully named. Ugg(ly)
-Harem pants > super low crotch, they have to be done well. 99% of women should not be wearing them!
-Jumpsuits > they were cute, now they are not.
-Gladiator sandals > They used to be tasteful. They got carried away. - to bad.
-Oversize sunglasses > they are scary. - enough said
-Tuxedos > To confusing for men.
-Crocs > Do I even have to say anything ?
-Babydoll dresses > You look pregnant, they also do not show your shape.

Well, I hope I did not insult any one, but I am just being honest.

< Oh Hil : (

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