Strappys and Undies


Dear Ladies,

Underwear is meant to be under your garments. So, seeing your bra straps, your thongs and bad pantie lines are just unacceptable. I know you probably don't think it is that big a deal, but really, ladies, it is. When you are dressing, match your straps to the color shirt you are wearing, black with black, white with white, or strapless if need be. When you walk down the street and you see a girl with her bra straps hanging out you cringe, am I right ? Or when you see a guy with his fly open, you want to do it up for him, or toilet paper on shoe, I could go on forever, the moral of the story is, that it goes for your bra straps as well, just keep them covered.                                     NOT acceptable >>

Pantie lines,
We have all seen them, Yoga pants and granny panties,(*face palm*.)  I understand when you're 12, but now that you are old enough to buy your own undergarments thongs and boy shorts do the same thing granny panties do, just a little less material and less embarrassment. I completely understand if the thong idea through's you off, but really they aren't that bad. Just think, if they were uncomfortable, do you think billions of women would be wearing them.

whoops ^^                good^^   

When I was in high school we had a 3 b's rule. 
1. Boobs
2. Bottom
3. Belly 
Of course when you are in high school no one follows that rule, but now that you are a professional woman looking for work or working, those 3 b's should apply to your daily life. 
1. Boobs; Yes I have them two, but I don't want everyone to see them everyday. I also don't want to see yours either, while at work, the streets or just hanging out, they are distracting, not only to men, but also to women. So please, put the girls away for the evening. 

2. Bottoms; "crack is illegal," we also do not want to see it, don't think that we don't we do. When you bend over and we can see everything it is truly annoying. Plumber butt is not going to get you ahead in the office. So respect your co workers and wear pants and fit your body properly. That also goes for mom jeans, you don't want to look like your bum is a mile long, it really is not sexy. 

3. Belly's; Showing off your mid-drift just is not classy on SO many levels. Even if you have a nice tight body you are still sending off the wrong signals to men, to women, well to everyone. Show people that you have class, and that you are a properly dressed women. Save the tummy look for the summer on the beach.

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