Onna Date !


Dear Daters,
For most of us dates do not come every day. Especially for me. But when I do get asked out on a date, I hope to wow him with my great style. No man wants to go out with a girl who dresses like his grandmother, or a girl who looks like she just walked off a runway, so lets do something in the middle.

If you have never met the man before and it is a blind date, do not wear high heals, you could potentially be 100 feet taller than him, then you just feel awkward and uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.

First date Do's:


- Wear something girly but with a toughness to it.
-Combine flirty with rocker.
-Keep your look casual
-Rock a great little skirt, and an elegant shirt with a jacket.
-Careful when choosing a dress, do not do something with to much pattern, he will not be able to focus. Also be careful of how short or long the dress is. Also, watch for how tight the dress is, if you show him everything the first time, he might not call for rounds two. That includes cleavage.  Keep the twins covered, he won't remember your name if you don't.

- Cuffed tapered pants. fitted tank. cute flat or short wedge.
-Dark floral dress. Racer jacket. Lace up ankle booties.
-Vintage shirt. Short full skirt. Nude flats.
-Jeans. Semi-sheer draped tank. slouchy vest. motor cycle boots.

I am praying for her.
-Super trendy apparel. That includes sequins, super short, super high, super long. nothing SUPER!
- NO hats
- baggy clothes. Sweats (I have scene it!) huge jackets! : (
-TOO many layers. You don't want to look 200+ pounds.
Do not!!! 
-accessories; Ladies, if you are going to wear jewelry, it has to be according to the outfit, to many is, well, to many!
-headbands. They are cute while out with the girls, but not on a date.

-Animal print. If you look like you just walked away from some sort of Bear vs. Man fight, we do not want to know about it.
-Earrings. Hoops, ladies, If I can jump through them, they should not be ON you.
-Bags. Do not carry your house in your bag. Bring what you NEED! sheesh!
-Shoes. O M G < fur boots are a disaster. As are UGGS! Be classy.
-Leggings. Skin tight has to be done well.

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