The Olsen Twins



Those of us from the 90's grew up with the Olsen twins, there movies were known for their luxury locations, adorable boys, and scandals. The twins always led a glamorous lives that every young girl was jealous of. They first began their brand "Dualstar" in 1993 their brand has been sold in over 2,000 different locations throughout the United States. As the twins have matured their "homeless" look become their signature look, the "ashcan" or "boho-chic" also known to journalist has been both praised and screwtinized.  Their look consisted of oversize sunglasses, boots, loose sweaters and flowing skirts. Their fashion choices have been some of the most controversial conversations in the public eye, Ashley' was included on PETA's worst dressed in 2006 for wearing real fur.

Wal-Mart took on the Olsen's fashion line from ages 4-14 girls were flaunting there "Mary-Kate and Ashley; real fashion for real girls." The Olsen twins signed a deal allowing for women on maternity leave to sew for their comapny. In 2004 the girls were praised for their commitment to workers rights.
"The Olsen tins have done the right thing. now it is up to Wal-Mart to either support Mary-Kate & Ashley's commitment to women's rights; or tragically shut them down. "-  Charles Kernaghan

 Later launching their own coutour line called "the Row" afther London's famous Sailve Row. The pair started their new line "Elizabeth and James" after their siblings.

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