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Dame Elizabeth Rosemind Taylor, born February 27, 1932.
In 1944 "Liz" starred in National Velvet, and Father of the Birdie in 1950. Elizabeth was one of the wolds most famous stars. Her glamours lifestyle, incredible acting ability and her violet eyes made her the most sought after women of our time. Cleopatra in 1963 turned a new chapter in Elizabeth's life, she fell in love with co-star Richard Burton and later married him. She starred in husband Richard, 11 to be exact, one landing her and Academy Award, in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe. Before Elizabeth's death she was dubbed 7th on the list of the Greatest American Screen Legends, dying March 2011 her name will ever remains in our hearts.

Just a glimpse at how she dressed 
"You can't cry on a diamond's shoulder, and diamonds won't keep you warm at night, but they're sure fun when the sin shines."
- Elizabeth Taylor

At Elizabeth death her jewelry collection was estimated at $150million. Her famous 33.19-carat Kurrp Diamond were gifts from Richard Burton. she also owned a 50-carat La Peregina Pearl that was formally owned by Mary I of England. she designed jewelry for her own collection, The Elizabeth Collection,  as well as her own Perfume Collection White Diamonds, Passion and Passion for Men.

Her stunning color choice
As a mother of Four, a sexy wife seven times over, as well as being a savy entrepreneur, Elizabeth Taylor is the essence of perfection, her fashion was flawless day in and day out. She dressed like a star, she dressed bold her favorite color being yellow helped enthuse her lavish taste for color. Her passion for flowers gave her outfits a floral touch. Bold but elegant, she always showed off her best silhouettes while doing the most mundane tasks. Her style was so known around the world, that on December 13-16 her wardrobe is going up for auction. 

"Never in our history have we devoted an auction to only one women's wardrobe, but Elizabeth's clothes are so surprisingly chic and sophisticated, and in such marvelous condition we just had to do it"
- Marc Porter, chairman and president of Christie's Americas 


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