Don't walk into a Bar.


Dear Ladies,

The best part about growing up is the privileges you get as you get older, getting to vote, not having a curfew, having a library card as well as being able to go clubbing and bar hopping at the age of 19. The best year of your life when you're 19, so many more doors are opened during that age, you are in your prime looks-wise, as well as having the ability to eat whatever and not have it go to your hips. With all those privileges also comes with the responsibility of dressing like a lady!

Mix the girly and the rocker, or go for just one specific look.
-Wear something sexy, and comfortable
-black leather shorts, cute tank top and naught pumps and a sweet little clutch.
-mini dress, pumps, and a rocker chick bag.
-skinny's pumps and a great sexy tank.

-Wear something you can see through
-Too short!
-Too long!
-Heals you CAN'T walk in! <not sexy!

this is okay.  This is pushing it.  and this is a HELL NO! ^^
       -Do not take fashion advice from Jersey Shore! 

Going out to the clubs with the girls is to pick up boys, but giving them the wrong impression right off the bat is not a great way to things start off. Showing a man all have been going to tell him that you are ready to get jiggy in the bathroom. Show him you want to be treated properly and dress like women. He will also remember your name, not your cup size, it's true!

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