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Dear Ladies,

It is now fall/winter, and it is also time to put some layers on, yeah I know it sucks! HAVE no fear, I am here to help you pick out an amazing jacket that will wow everyone in the office, shock your boss and even help you get a raise ... well maybe. If we were all millionaires I would just say to head to your nearest Burberry, but we all don't have $1,800 to spend on jackets now do we?

Personally, I have a shorter torso but longer legs, so I would choose something that would make my torso look longer. So in order for that to happen, I would wear something that hits me around my upper thigh. If the jacket is too short it makes you look smaller in the chest area as well as your torso.
For those who have a long torso and shorter legs go for something shorter, makes your legs look like they go on forever, and men love legs. << amazing Jackets

classic Jean!
Do's when picking out a jacket:

-Go for color! Be brave this season, why not ?
-Texture, patterns are sexy, so GO for it!
-Bold prints.
-Get creative!

- If you are short and your jacket goes past your knees you look even shorter.
-If you do a puffy jacket, too much puff is not sexy, and try not to do it in white, you look like the Michelin Man, and that is just NOT hot.
absolutely not
-pick something you will NEVER wear. I have done it. < fashion shopping tips

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