Armani Pour Tous


Giorio Armani,

Born July 11 1934

Giorio was well know for his menswear, as well as his clean, tidy tailored lines, today Armani is the most sought after brand. His "Armani" brand was acclaimed as the most successful brand in Italy bringing in a $1.6Billion dollar turn over and a personal fortune of $7Billion dollars in 2011.
Armani's earlier  years were spent working in La Rianscente in Milan, he went from being a window dressing to becoming a seller, in 1960 Armani established in Nino Cerrte a company where he designed his own line of menswear. In 1973 Armani did a solo run, designing  freelance  for designers such as Allergi, Siscons, Gibo, Bagutta, Hilton and so on. International press began following Giorgio after his runway show in the Pitti Palace in Florence. In 1978 his collaboration with Gruppo Finanzario Tessile made his 1979 bale the leading name in international fashion. In 1980 the company signed with L'Oreal to create a perfume line, as well as introduce his "Armani Jeans," "Emprior Armani" and "Jr. Armani" lines, in 1982 a swimwear, accessories, and underwear line were also introduced to his collection. 

 Armani also did some designing for film costumes, his most famous "the Untouchables" in 1987. Armani designed the made-to-measure suite for Christian Bale's character Bruce Wayne in "The Dark Knight" 

Harper's Bazar,
Interview with Derek Blasberg.
Derek Blasberg: "What's the first thing you do in the morning?"
Giorio Armani: "Look at the clock and hope to go back to bed."

DB: "If you could have dinner with one person, who would it be? They can be dead or alive?"
GA:  " I will say Coco Chanel, because without her the contemporary female wardrobe would not exist"

DB: "What do you view as your biggest accomplishment? "
GA:  "There are different levels. I have had financial accomplishments, design accomplishments, person. accomplished. I am proud of many things." 

DB: "Is there a design that you are most proud of?"
GA: "I am proud of my couture line" 

DB: "Do you wear clothes from your archive, or are you always in the latest Armani?"
GA: "I mix everything up. Today I am wearing Yohji Yamamoto." 

DB: "How many t-shirts do you own?" 
GA: "Hundreds, and they are all blue" 
DB: "Who's been your biggest influence?"
GA: "Me."

DB: "Who do you admire in fashion?"
GA: "Whoever keeps going in their own direction and follows their passion, whoever forgets what the trends are and pushes themselves in there own field. People like [Martin] Margiela and [Azzedine] Alaia. I love a person who is consistent, someone with integrity.

DB: " If someone were to make a movie of your life, who would play the part of Giorgio Armani"
GA: "physically pr physiologically?

DB: "Both" 
GA: "Physically, Ethan Hawkes looks like me. Plus, hes sort of star who's have never seen overexposed or too often in the tabloids. He's always been on the borderline of an artist and a celebrity.

DB: "What about physically?" 
GA: "Sean Penn"   

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